Painting Tips

If you are planning to paint a room or multiple rooms in your home, remember these 4 steps: Prep, Ceiling, Walls and Trim. If you take your time and follow these steps, you will be pleasantly surprised at your painting talents.

Cleaning the walls and trim with a damp rag and a bit of dish soap is step one. In essence, you are removing all dust and dirt so that the paint you apply is not bumpy or disrupted by a lone spider web.

Once the wall has been cleaned, it is time to cut the edges in on the ceiling. Begin in a corner and use a cutting brush. Best technique is to apply a two to three inch strip of paint where the wall and ceiling meet. Rolling the ceiling will be a synch once this step is complete. Remember to roll the ceiling going width wise across your body. Painting lengthwise will tire your wrist, neck and head. I know this fact from experience and traction. Painting the walls is the next step. Again beginning in a corner, extend out at least three inches using a brush before you begin rolling on the paint. Also rolling width wise versus length will not tire out your wrist and neck as quickly. Last but not least, the trim needs to be touched up, painted or stained.

Then spend some time away from this room. The next time you enter you will be so happy your followed these steps and did not end up in traction.